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Rave® Apples


Get to Know Rave®

Rave® apples are a cross between the beloved Honeycrisp and MonArk, an apple from Arkansas at the University of Minnesota.

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Rave® is the first apple to harvest in the fall before any other variety.

You won’t miss Rave® in stores with its fuchsia red coloring!

Back 2 School America

Rave® is partnering with Back2School America during the month of August to provide young students with the tools they need to start the new school year right. When you buy Rave® apples, you can support a student in need!

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Grown For Flavor

Rave® is the first apple to harvest before Honeycrisp and grows in nutrient-rich soil where warm days give it its vibrant color.

Try it, RAVE about it!

Best for Fresh Snacking! Give it a Try in a Salads, Share With a Friend!

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Rave® is a registered trademark of Regents of the University of Minnesota, used under license.