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Kyle's Pick® Cherries

Sweet Memories™

The Season's Best Cherries

Stemilt reserves its biggest and best cherries for this premium pack so you can treat yourself to something special.

Kyle’s Pick® cherries are grown with passion by Kyle Mathison and we promise these cherries are the season’s top pick (if Kyle says they’re the best, you know they’re good!)

When you take a bite of Kyle’s Pick® cherries, you’ll remember their dessert flavors and sweet memory for years to come.


Our Finest Pick

Kyle’s Pick® cherries are made from the very best cherry varieties (Bing, Sweetheart, Skeena and others) and promise to be firm, sweet and juicy. Enjoy every bite as a fresh snack, these are just too good for anything else!

The Man Behind the Cherries

I farm with Mother Earth, the moon, and nutrient-rich compost. It’s my passion to deliver an unforgettable eating experience for you. Creating the perfect cherry is a journey from which we never arrive.

– Kyle Mathison

Grown in Central Washington

I grow cherries off the east slopes of the Cascade Mountains that have volcanic soils, warm days and cool nights that create a perfect environment for growing sweet cherries.

Featured Recipes

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