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Sweet Memories

Kyle's Promise

Sweet, Firm & Crunchy Cherries

The east slopes of the Cascade Mountains have volcanic soils, warm days and cool nights that create a perfect environment for growing sweet cherries. I farm with Mother Earth, the moon, and nutrient-rich compost. It’s my passion to deliver an unforgettable eating experience for you.

Creating the perfect cherry is a journey from which we never arrive.

4th Generation Cherry Grower

Kyle Mathison

His passion for growing cherries is unlike anything you’ve experienced before, and Kyle’s Pick® cherries is our way of sharing share that passion with you. We reserve our top cherry varieties and largest sized fruits with dessert flavors for Kyle’s Pick® marked packs every July.

Warm days and cool nights combine with volcanic soils to create the perfect growing conditions for delicious sweet cherries. Many of the cherries for Kyle’s Pick® come straight from Stemilt Hill in Wenatchee, Washington and are grown by Kyle himself!

The Best of July Cherries

Featured Recipes

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