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Moon Cherries

Mystical, delicious

grown 2,640 feet above sea level

We believe in saving the best for last, and that’s what you get with our mystical A Half Mile Closer to the Moon® cherries. These late-season dark-sweet cherries come straight from our high-altitude orchards in Washington State.

Bite into a crisp Moon cherry and you’ll experience an explosion of aromatics, sugars, acids and juiciness. Enjoy these as a snack, which might as well be dessert with the sweetness these beauties have!

4th Generation Cherry Grower

Kyle Mathison

Our A Half Mile Closer to the Moon® cherries are the grand finale to Stemilt’s cherry season. They come from places like Amigos Orchards in Wenatchee, WA where cherries grow at elevations of 2,600 feet above sea level and higher, or literally a half mile towards the moon.

When the stars perfectly align, Moon cherries will be harvested in the days leading up to a full moon. That’s when 4th generation cherry grower Kyle Mathison and the man behind Moon cherries, believes you get the best cherry flavors. The man, the moon, and cherries, what a better way to finish cherry season?!

Grand finale to the longest cherry season

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