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First apple to harvest

Rave® is the fun brand name of MN55 cultivar apples, which were the natural result of crossing the beloved Honeycrisp and MonArk, a variety from Arkansas. MonArk loves to color and ripen early in the growing season and that’s why Rave® is available in early August! That’s three weeks before other apples, and well before Honeycrisp returns to stores.

The outrageously juicy

early season Honeycrisp cross

Meet Rave® brand MN55 cultivar apples, a new Stemilt signature apple with zippy flavor and an attitude to match. This is the apple that people can’t stop raving about because of its outrageously juicy flavor and refreshing snappy zing.

The Rave® apple season is short, but it’s a good one

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Rave® is a registered trademark of Regents of the University of Minnesota, used under license.